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    Beneficial features and best quality found in PUF sandwich panels

    By isoflex 4 years agoNo Comments
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    PUF Sandwich panel

    PUF sandwich panels are mainly utilized in industries which require a temperature control. The main users who make use of these PUF sandwich panels are beverage industries, air conditioning, pharmaceuticals and more.

    Highlighting features of PUF Sandwich panel

    The highlight of PUF sandwich insulators is its thermal insulation property which is resilient to most chemicals and hence stands to be a best insulator. For the same reason refrigeration industry used these panels the most. The thermal insulation is exceptional when equated to other any other panels. The key advantage of this particular panel is that it saves enhanced amount of energy and so the operating cost is also reduced. Apart from all this greenhouse gases emission is also reduced.

    Properties meant for temperature control

    Being a reliable and experienced manufacturer, Isoflex provides long lasting PUF sandwich panels at best rates. The promising features of these panels are that it is developed from high grade polyurethane foam. The panels offer exceptional mechanical strength and thermal insulation features. They also possess the resistant property to mold, corrosion and rot. The smooth finish and prefabricated panels are completed and offered in a ready to use condition. The odorless and non-toxic one goes well with almost all building materials.

    Ease in use

    When enhanced strength and load bearing is to be handled faced PUF sandwich panels or metal clad panels can be used. The strength and rigidity is outstanding when equated to other panels. The PUF sandwich panels are factory assembled ones and makes usage easier. The panels also possess perfect tongue and groove points which assist in surface integrity to the maximum. The exceptional qualities and durability are ones which make the product the most wanted one in the industry. Isoflex also focuses on quality and budget so that industries which are in need can use them at a decent price.

    By this way the temperature to be maintained for certain goods is kept at the perfect level and goods can be stored without hassles.

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