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    Usually cold rooms and freezers have temperatures between 0 to 50 degrees. It takes a lot of neat construction to combine low temperature along with humidity so that cold rooms can be efficiently handled. Most of these panels are made of materials that are high in quality and rigid. Since the cold rooms are made of Isoflex, you can expect efficiency and great results only. The panels have been constructed in such a way that

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    Excellent thermal insulation and superior resistance to most of the chemicals makes the PUF sandwich panels the best products to use for refrigeration industry. These panels possess prolific usage for meeting numerous applications in the refrigeration sector. They work as great energy savers and therefore reduce the operating cost of refrigerated vehicles and buildings to great extent. They are also eco-friendly units that reduce emission of greenhouse gases. For such reasons, industries such as Pharmaceutical,

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    The insulated doors are significant elements for applications where temperature regulation is a mandatory need to serve. When doors are frequently opened or closed, then this not only disturbs the temperature level but also causes alot of energy loss. In such situation, it becomes vital to install a well design door that can reduce energy loss to agreat extent. The insulated doors are therefore the best solution to this problem. These doors are madeofhigh-quality polyurethane

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