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    PUF Sandwich panels are multipurpose and fancy

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    When you need durable, lightweight and fancy stuff for constructing a modern cold storage, room enclosure, temporary structure or restaurant; nothing can beat PUF sandwich panels. They have an excellent weight to strength ratio and you can replace them with steel or aluminum panels. It is a cost-effective and long lasting material for constructing long spans without columns in between. Today, architects prefer this material because of dimensional stability and low maintenance. PUF Sandwich Panels Manufacturers offer a wide variety of stuff for industrial, domestic and commercial use. Isoflex Systems have a list of panels that are good for interior and exterior use. The panels offer flexibility of using creativity and imagination because they are versatile.

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    PUF panels are energy savers

    You need construction material that can sustain high temperature variations. Due to great thermal efficiency and low heat transmission it saves energy expenses. Engineers and architects use them at places where high thermal efficiency is intended. Due to low transmission of heat it saves on energy. The panels have effectively zero deterioration of thermal efficiency over time.  When you install pre-fabricated panels made with high specifications from Isoflex Systems, they add value to the construction quality. PUF Sandwich Panels Manufacturers have a full range of panels and accessories including sealants, ceiling suspensions, plastic components and mastic. You can choose panels that match the specifications of your construction site from the catalog.

    What makes these PUF panels great?

    PUF Sandwich panels are preferred for a few important qualities:

    • They are water resistant.
    • They are highly construction friendly and compact.
    • They are crack proof, rust proof and termite resistant.
    • The panels are easy to handle and lightweight.
    • They are multipurpose.
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor usage.
    • Easy to install.
    • They need low maintenance and cost-friendly.
    • Can be used in extremely low and high temperatures ranging from -10 degree Celsius to 110 degree Celsius. Offers superb thermal insulation in adverse climates.
    • CFC Free and doesn’t harm Ozone Layer.

    Due to these incredible qualities, the panels are used in civil engineering projects, renovation and construction of homes and offices, industrial constructions and many more

    PUF Sandwich Panels Manufacturers have several makes and models to choose from. Construction companies order world-class panels from renowned suppliers like Isoflex Systems.  When there is a need for low-cost and highly efficient material that utilizes every inch of floor space, PUF Sandwich panels are the best.

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