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    The Efficient Solution to Refrigeration Applications

    By isoflex 4 years ago
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    Excellent thermal insulation and superior resistance to most of the chemicals makes the PUF sandwich panels the best products to use for refrigeration industry. These panels possess prolific usage for meeting numerous applications in the refrigeration sector. They work as great energy savers and therefore reduce the operating cost of refrigerated vehicles and buildings to great extent. They are also eco-friendly units that reduce emission of greenhouse gases.

    For such reasons, industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, dairy, air conditioning and more, where temperature regulation is a primary concern make use of sandwich panels made with PUF material. These panels hold great features such as they are water proof as well as termite proof. Not only is the construction of these panels friendly, but even very much compact. They are light in weight and helps in saving energy to great extent. Even installation as well as maintenance of these units is very much convenient.

    PUF Sandwich panels help in regulating the temperature according to requirements and therefore are also suitable to be employed in application where perishable goods are stored. These panels are absolutely safe for environment as they are free from CFC. Due to countless great features, the usability of these panels is not only limited to refrigeration industry, but they are widely used in hotel industries, chemical industries, hospitals, cold storage, insulation industry, dairy industry, civil construction industries, government departments and numerous government aided institutions.

    These panels come with aluminum cladding, construction grade steel and with facing that depend on the load withstanding capacity. The metal bodies of these panels are coated with paints or surface materials that provide them with visually sound aesthetics. They come in smooth finish and possess excellent stability. The PUF Sandwich panels are surely the best solutions to treat numerous applications where temperature regulation is the key concern.

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