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    PUF Sandwich Panels- The requirement

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    There are some items which need utmost care to sustain its quality; otherwise, the investment made on them would go a waste. The concern is about products stored in cold storage like meat, dairy products, fisheries and industries such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories have to be protected from dust and contamination and also maintain the required temperature. Isoflex, a leading manufacturer of insulated doors and panels has come up with the best solution by providing best protection using PUF sandwich panels. The PUF sandwich panels are made from good-quality metals with insulating material inserted between them.

    PUF Sandwich Panels

    PUF Sandwich Panels – Features and Benefits

    • These panels make you awe with its outstanding features. The effective PUF sandwich panels provide high protection to cold storage units and are extremely reliable and durable. It exhibits great resistance to corrosion, wear, and tear. The PUF sandwich panels are very easily accessible and also do not incur heavy maintenance cost. As these panels are built with high precision and accuracy, they can sustain the required temperature to preserve the product.
    • The PUF sandwich panels are popularly used in pharmaceuticals and drugs companies as they have good concealment and protect the medicines from any kind of contamination. As these panels are highly effective, it absorbs less energy and therefore energy consumption bills are always lower. This makes the PUF sandwich panels economical and eco-friendly.
    • The other highlights of PUF sandwich panels are that it is very easy to install and hence do not require skilled labors for installation. They have restrained waste and hence are the most preferred choice among customers all over. The PUF sandwich panels can be customized according to the client needs and requirement. This has helped to satisfy the need of the company completely according to its infrastructure. Isoflex systems with its dedicated service are considered the ideal choice for business owners from all over the world.

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      PUF Sandwich Panels
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