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    The Best Cold Rooms by Isoflex for Hot Summer Months

    By isoflex 4 years agoNo Comments
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    Cold Rooms

    Cold Rooms

    Usually cold rooms and freezers have temperatures between 0 to 50 degrees. It takes a lot of neat construction to combine low temperature along with humidity so that cold rooms can be efficiently handled. Most of these panels are made of materials that are high in quality and rigid. Since the cold rooms are made of Isoflex, you can expect efficiency and great results only. The panels have been constructed in such a way that you will find several sections just like corners, doors and ceiling doors. Most of these panels are modular and come with an excellent cam joint which ultimately gives you walls that are leak proof.

    The cold room panels usually come with excellent features such as ports and kick plates along with auto door mechanism. Most of these panels come with excellent ambient conditions that are usually required for cold storage rooms. They also have the usual accessories such as hinges, latches and rivets which promise durability and efficiency only. The system comes with a high end panel which can cater to extremely low temperatures like 40 degrees.

    The cold rooms by Isoflex can be used for a large number of purposes. In this, it is possible to store food and dairy products which are usually required in super markets and big restaurants. Sometimes drugs are stored in laboratories as well with the help of this. Not only that; dairy products are both stored and transported through cold room panels. If you want to preserve and transport products that belong to the field of horticulture and floriculture, Isoflex cold rooms would be perfect. A lot of five star restaurants, fancy hotels and resorts have popularly used this to maximize their benefit. So if you want to buy the best, stick to Isoflex.

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